Our History

Okra Flexible Packaging produces a complete line of high-quality seals used for the closure of packages of the most varied products and of various market segments, such as food, pharmaceutical, beverages, and personal hygiene. It is within the most modern concepts of administration and industrial production, in the constant search for quality, combining technical and professional improvement to a quick customer service. It also has a development and production infrastructure that guarantees the supply of an extremely reliable product that is also produced in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible in order to offer to its clients all its more than 18 years of experience to offer the best solutions to their needs and requirements. The company works with the big companies of the food sector, pharmaceutical industries, and laboratories of the country. Okra also has a structure production logistics, commercialization, and distribution to ensure agility in all moments, from making an order, to manufacture it and to supply it within the required deadlines, in any region of the country.